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J Writes

J Writes

Welcome to J Writes where I share about life, experiences, motivational contents, and build connection through writing.

Joana Marie Mata

Hi! I’m Joana! I created this blog recently because I simply love writing. I made one before but haven’t continued it. Since CoViD took up the things we usually do, it somehow made me realized to do things I should and I could still do amidst this pandemic, this quarantine. Here I am, embarking myself in the world of blogging.

I lived in the Philippines since birth and currently, I’m a college student. I share about life, experiences, motivational contents, and just share what I feel through writing. There are so many things to write and talk about and I’m willing to share it with you.

I believe our life’s experiences can be used to inspire others. So, don’t be a stranger and let’s create a world where in we could feel we’re connected and not being alone. Let’s use our words to draw inspiration, share what we’ve learned, and radiate positivity.

Inspire and Be Inspired